Search page with taxonomy filter

I’m building a villa listing site and I have various pages listing ‘types’ of villas - or villas in a certain ‘area’ or of a certain 'size. That’s all fine. What I can’t seem to work out how to do is build a dynamic search page where clients can tick which 'area’s they’d like, or the ‘size’, or the ‘features’. Basically something like the Advanced Search panel at the right of this page. Is this built with Advanced Search plus added options?

Hi Dan,

If what you want is filtering a collection of pages with pré defined keywords. Then architecturing a taxonomy based on your business then using the plugin should do the job.
If what you want to achieve is facet search, where your search engine’s results are displayed alongside with matched taxonomy, there is nothing working out of the box as far as I know. I sort of managed to do that combining tntsearch plugin, adding the taxi in the custom fields, then filtering the results with some javascript.

Thanks - that’s the conclusion I’ve come to as well. I’ve only just re-started coding after a 10 year pause so I’ll warm up a little more before I have a crack at it. It seems to be something people would find useful…