Indexing Taxonomies with TNTsearch

I would like to index my taxonomies using tntsearch so that when searching, the results will show up appropriately. Any Idea how to accomplish this?

Hi @crusnac, I just added this ability to my Learn2 with Git Sync theme so you are more than welcome to use that as a working example!

Add function to getSubscribedEvents():

Function to include Taxonomy item β€˜tag’ in search index:

I learned the basics of how to do this at:

Hope the above is of help, let me know how things go.

Thanks Paul - The solution worked. I ended up creating a simple plugin to perform the indexing.

My only issue: not sure if it’s a TNTSearch issue, but most of my tags include a β€œ-” in-between the phrases (i.e. tvm-01) and when I search for tvm-01, nothing matches. Only when I search for β€œtvm 01” I get any results.

Any Ideas?

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Hi @crusnac, great to hear you got it going with a custom plugin!

Not sure, but my hunch is that since β€œ-” is a minus sign that might be triggering some sort of Boolean operation with TNTSearch. However, I tried to disable that feature in the Plugin Options and the issue remains. Might be worth digging deeper or if possible explore another separator item and see if that works?