Scheduled backup is not working

I’ve the opportunity to make a manual backup but the scheduled one are not working.
I’ve already found the solution with a cron job as mentioned here Scheduled Backups Not Working
But I would prefer an out of the box by Grav Admin

Thanks for any solution

Cron is a system task outside of the content management system. I think it’s good for security that web applications can’t create system tasks. I’d be nervous if they could.

I recall Wordpress and/or Drupal has a plugin called “Poor Man’s Cron” which basically runs tasks after a time has elapsed, which it checks when a web page is hit. In Grav, there’s also a theoretical possibility to trigger backups using a call to an Admin API.

I highly recommend you build sites with version control (like Git) and a separate development environment. When that is the case, you (generally) have no need for backups via Grav. But that’s up to you.

You won’t be able to set up proper OS cron through Grav.