Save as ".grav" file... from word processor

Is it possible to integrate grav into MS Office, for example? Just “save as” .grav format (which is a zip containing contents of a chapter), that can be unzip in any grav installation. Depending upon grav theme you use, shortcodes has different meanings, therefore, different presentation formats.

What about digital signature through a chapter to ensure no one touch this chapter since creation.

Definately, this will end with tones of sharing problems in many places, such judges.

The only way to do this is to save as a Text file and set the extension to .md. You would still have to use all the correct YAML syntax and markdown etc.

You can’t just write stuff up and ‘save as Grav’ because there is no grav format specifcally… its a makdown file with YAML frontmatter, very similar to Jekyll. You are better off using a nice native Markdown editor that looks like a word processor.

An alternative is using Pandoc:

pandoc -f docx -t markdown -o input.docx --extract-media=images

Which takes a .docx file and outputs it as markdown, with embedded images saved alongside in an images folder.