Same theme , same page (modular text) ... not the same layout!

i really not like this CMS …
i’m about to leave the boat.
Because we can not do all the thing with UI.
This is not a CMS WYSIWYG

let’s talk about GRav ? white elephant i will say.

Nice discussion suggestion! I saw you also comment on other posts, and think you originally wanted to change some font color?
I’m only using grav for a week now, it’s my first attempt to set up a CMS, so I do not consider myself worthy of giving advice. But have you tried to do it with HTML embedding? I felt like a lot can be done by adjusting all the div classes or paragraphs in which the twig elements reside.

There’s few things that can do “all the thing” - I can think of only Gods, Donald Trump and Chuck Norris. No offense. I turned to grav because it is a CMS that comes without all the potential security flaws of a database. I also experienced some hiccups (see here ). Certainly there is a steep learning curve, as with any new software you learn, but overall this one is okay.

The fun thing about WYSIWYG is that you usually don’t get what’s going on. Take for example MS Word: it is considered WYSIWYG, but nowadays you also get a data kraken you do not see. Compare it to LaTeX, which is far more versatile and elegant, but will take some time learning. In grav, you get a CMS, which is good for websites of a high quantity of repetitive content. This is why you want to script stuff, instead of manually touching 1000 websites on every update of the layout.

I contributed my bit, but mine is also a new user’s perspective. Your “white elephant” metaphor is not working, because, as I just read up, a white elephant cannot be given away and is of little use. You are just complaining about a detail problem that is not solved immediately, which might be because you specified little details in your original post, or because grav is kind of a niche solution with few people maintaining it in their free time. Be brave! Go read some documentation and check other templates!

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my site is now running with grav.
3-4 days of hard learning.
BUT , i do not consider as CMS a tool where you must going to do HTML and stuff … if i want to do HTML (php etc) : i don’t take a CMS. i’m not a skilled dev. or webmaster.
WP is too fat (php, mysql etc etc ) for me …default grav theme is enough for me.
i respect all the hard working doing by the dev. grav (no doubt for that) but grav is not for beginner or people that don"t want to learn markdown … and finally HTML !!
Because for fine tunning … HTML , php, CSS knowledge is requiered.