Responsive images crashing Grav

Other media option seem to be fine, but as soon as I start using the imagename@3x.png syntax, when I go to the page where the image will be output, it gives me a completely blank page. This is running on Yosemite via MAMP.

I’ve just tested this on my local and it seems to work fine. However, i’m currently running the latest github version. Could you please try a test with that and let me know if that resolves it?

I’m having trouble getting the git version to load as the command line install doesn’t seem to want to use my MAMP’s version of php

You probably need to add your mamp’s php to the system path.

Alternatively you can use the approach I prefer which is to install PHP via brew:

btw this blog post contains an example of how to update your path to ensure the correct PHP version is used. You would just need to update that path with the one to the mamp version.

Got it running and yeah, the git version seems fine so I guess something must be missing in the zip one?

The responsive image code uses srcset, right? Is picturefil the right polyfill for old browsers?

Yah I thought perhaps there was a bugfix for retina in the github version that has not been released yet. Plan on having a release in a week or so.

Yup, uses srcset. More information on how it works and how the plugin fits in can be found in this blog post: