Req: Downloads Section of - open in new tab

Technically this might be the wrong topic cause its about the main grav site and not the forum but I’m not sure where else to request it.

On the downloads section of - Skeletons, Themes and Plugins sections. Would it be possible to have links other than the download open in new window? For example when I’m looking at a theme I usually want to check out the repo and the demo but each one takes me off the grav site which I would rather not do.

We’re going to be reworking the downloads site soon, and it’s going to look quite a bit different. We plan on having landing pages for each extension (plugin/theme/skeleton) that will contain more details including download and repo links.

However, the best way to click external links is to use your cmd/win key and click so they open in a new tab. You can control when and if to do this, and it’s easy enough.


You can also middle click (press your scroll wheel in) on any link to open a new tab.

It is a long-standing standard of web development that links generally should not automatically open in a new window/tab. A user has autonomy to either left click or middle click, but it’s bad practice for a webpage to enforce a new window on the user.