All externals links on my pages open in a new tab


I have define my own theme that is inheriting from quark theme.

I would like to know own can I make all externals links on my pages open in a new tab of the navigator. I don’t want to write target="_blank" for each link, I don’t know if it’s possible.

This links are in pages using markdown or html.

Thank you

Hi @thgr, have you seen this External Links Plugin? I use it quite a bit for this exact purpose.

thank you ! that’s it !

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Good morning all, I hope are all safe and well.

it is possible to open the external link as a new tab?

title: 'Title'
external_url: ''?_blank

I tried different options, but none of them successful.

thanks in advance

Your link isn’t going to work for a couple of reasons. You have closed the quote in the middle of the URL. You don’t even need the quotes here. Also, you want your HTML to be <a href="" target="_blank">...</a>, which needs to come from a Twig template. I think you are getting confused with Grav flavoured Markdown, which offers that shortcut notation.

Are you asking if you can force a new tab rather than a window? No, that level of control isn’t offered by browsers to websites. Browsers and user settings determine the behaviour of _blank links.