Rename blog to news

I’m currently evaluating the blog-skeleton and like it a lot. But there’s a little problem: As soon as i change the name from “blog” to “news” all the tag-links cause to 404-errors. Also archives and random stop working. What do i need to change to use the blog-skeleton with a different name?

found it and can answer myself :wink:
in site.yaml one hast to define blog: route ‘/news’

Hmm, that is true in the previous version of Grav, but in the last couple of weeks I changed it so the plugins link path was no longer relying on that site.yaml value.

You probably should check to make sure your running the latest Grav and latest version of the plugins with:

Grav: bin/gpm selfugrade

Plugins + Themes: bin/gpm update

More info on the GPM page in the docs.