Redirect without loosing .html-ending

Is there a possibility to redirect an url like /example/test.html to http://otherdomain/test.html? If i redirect as it is written in the grav documentary, it always looses the .html… What have I done wrong, how can I fix this?

How did you configure the redirect so I can test/debug???

Thank you for your reply.
Actually I’ve redirected it like this:

  '/stadt/(.*)': ''

so It redirects all to the root directory.
But what I would like to have is that the original /stadt/index.html and /stadt/shoppingmall.html etc is redirected to or etc.
If I do it like this:

 '/stadt/*': '$1'

It redirects /stadt/shoppingmall.html to instead of

Ok turns out this was a bug… fixed in Develop:

Ok, thanks for fixing it. When will this be in the master / normal branch?