Change Pretty URLs to Ugly URL?

Hiya! Is it possible to change the url structure for example from /page-name/ to /page-name.html ? And for subpages /main-page/subpage.html
I want to migrate an old existing site with good google-rankings and don’t want to change anything regarding the URLs. Also I don’t want to start a debate about the sense of using legacy URLs again :-)) So, is this possible? Thanks!

You can add in Slugs to your md file to change that.

A better solution would be to 301 redirect the old url’s to the new ones (server level/htacess). Google will honour the 301 redirect and several days later old listing will disappear and new one will appear (with seo / page rank moved to the new location).

BTW, what you asking for is already there. Grav supports filename extensions, but as the default is .html this is optional. So




will display the same page.

Hi. So you mean it doesn’t matter when I go live with the site? I would not need to do 301 redirects in my case? If so…how do I set this up? If I type the page URL with .html I get “The requested resource /mypage.html was not found on this server.”

It should just work, for example:

is the same as:

FYI, this probably will not work on aliases you have configured in site.yaml, this is for actual pages only.