Question theme x-corporat

on this theme :
the features menu disappears when switching to a mobile screen (smaller) I don’t understand why and how to modify it.
Do you have an idea for me? thank you in advance

@marc63400 It’s by design…

The template ‘templates/partials/base.html.twig’ creates two different menus.

  • The one that is displayed in larger screens loops through the root pages and their child pages. The child pages will be shown in the dropdown. See template line 46 and its include.
  • The menu that is visible on smaller screens loops through the root pages and only shows pages that do not have children. See line 60

The only way to change this is to change in the templates the way both menus are constructed.

ok thanks but how i can make this modification … i understand the code but i am not able to change it … :slight_smile:

I understand but no way to make the modification …

@marc63400, Maybe you shouldn’t… The designer probably had his/her reasons for not implementing it on mobile.

There are a few reasons I could think of:

  • Hovering
    The popup appears when the cursor hovers the ‘Features’ menu. On smartphones, there is no such thing as hovering…

  • User-experience
    I don’t think the popup menu would be a great user experience.

    A responsive-webdesign does not necessarily need to mimic the functionality and content between different devices. Because of dimensions, bandwidth and network costs, a mobile user surfs a website differently which warrants for different menus, different content and/or different layout.

    To quote Google’s view on menus in their article "What makes a Good Mobile Site":

    Keep menus short and sweet

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