Quark blog styling


I’m using the default Quark theme for a website, but i don’t want the blog to use columns.
Do i need to delete all bricklayer information in blog.html.twig?
Or do i need to set the bricklayer width to 100%?

Is it possible to have the blogs show exactly the same layout as in blog-item.html.twig?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @SjoerdSmeets, yes by basically removing the bricklayer div you can get a one-column display. I actually have this as an option in my Quark Open Publishing theme so you may find that Twig useful: https://github.com/hibbitts-design/grav-theme-quark-open-publishing/blob/master/templates/blog.html.twig#L50-L54

BTW, to customize any theme files it is recommended to setup an inherited theme: https://learn.getgrav.org/16/themes/customization#theme-inheritance

Thanks @paulhibbitts that was what i was looking for. I think i’m going to use your snippet instead.

I’m using an inherited theme based upon Quark.

Thanks again!

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