Pulling content from different pages?

Hi guys, have enjoyed playing with Grav this weekend and gotten quite far in converting an existing website I have.

One issue I have though – I have item pages, let’s say “cars” … so /car/ford, /car/volvo etc. each with their own item.md

How would I go about creating comparison pages for these? Is it possible without a plugin? … ie:

/cars/comparisons/volvo-vs-ford or /car/comparisons/volvo/ford … I imagine having a Twig template that gets the two last slugs from the url segment and then grabs the data based on that.

You can use the find() method of the Page object to load another page. For example:

{% set ford = page.find('/car/ford') %}
<div id="ford-content">{{ ford.content }}</div>

More details in the docs