Finding Other Pages

In the Grav documentation found at It make mention of Finding Other Pages using HTML and find() method. I put the code into MD section of a page and altered it to work with my site information. When I test this page with this code, page display the HTML syntax but does not display the pages found under folder specified. Is this Syntax supposed to go somewhere else?

Can you provide some actual code?

{% for p in page.find('/vacations').children if p != page %}
<li><a href="{{p.url}}">{{ p.title }}</a></li>
{% endfor %}

And you’re putting this in an .md page? Have you enabled Twig processing in your page? The documentation you linked to doesn’t mention that part.

Thanks that addressed my concern the trick. Where can I see the additional items that can be find in a Page. For example can I display the main graphic of a page in the results?

The page variable gives you access to the Page object. The Media docs give some starting information on getting media.