Problems with the execution setup.php (MultiSite)

we have a problem with MultiSite version 1.7, with PHP 7.3 on a Windows Server 2012. In the development environment (Mac & Apache) everything works fine. On the Windows server, the processing of setup.php does not seem to work properly. If the setup.php is located in the user directory, it is obviously not processed. If the setup.php is in the root directory, this error message appears:

Both situations work fine under Mac/Apache. Any ideas?

@ThomasWinzer . Have you seen the editional notes for the grav 1.7 changes , not sure if your current grav has been upgraded from 1.6 hence whilst the existing configuration is still working.

First the obivious things
Taken from Requirements | Grav Documentation
php 7.3.6

To get Grav running on an IIS server, you need to install URL Rewrite. This can be accomplished using Microsoft Web Platform Installer from within IIS. You can also install URL Rewrite by going to

Have you just uploaded the mac / devolpement “grav” main directory straight up on the windows server or you have done a fresh install of grav on the windows server and then just copying the user directory across.

There has been some changes in grav 17, did you initally set up with an earlier version of grav and got it all working and did an internal upgrade to get it to version 17 ?

Environment Configuration | Grav Documentation (

Are you using virtual directories and subdomains or using a domain and directory approach as with 1.7 the setup files are different now .

It is a bit unclear from the 1.6 to 1.7 the best way to setup up multi sites.

My first thought is “does not exist” maybe a permission error !

Happy to give you hand to sort it also would be a good introduction to multi site for me as well … I have a windows test wamp stacking running to I can try to emulate the issue first and if need be, possibly remote teamviewer session or I can sort out a virtual machine with windows server set up on it :slight_smile:

Lots to go at ! lol