Challenging Link issue

I have installed Grav to several sites, but I have come across an issue I can not seem to figure out.
I am trying to link to using

[Forvaltningsloven (FVL) Kap. 2, §§4-6](

Grav shortens it to . Any ideas? Do I need to escape some characters, or something?

I should add that I am inserting it into a table - not sure if that can have an influence:

|Inhabilitet|Der er krav til almindelig habilitet, (blablabla).|Forvaltningsloven (FVL) Kap. 2, §§4-6|
Interestingly, if I post the link directly into the Grav post, the link comes out right.

The link worked fine for me both in and out of a table.

Grav uses the id part in the URL and adds it as the id of the link HTML element. You can check that in the browser inspector. Add &noprocess at the end of the URL. See Pass-through Supported Attributes

As in?:

[Forvaltningsloven (FVL) Kap. 2, §§4-6](

I think you need

as the # part is last in the URL structure