Private plugin, how to protect only certain pages?

So I got the private plugin now installed and read the README file for some instructions. I have disabled the plugin for the whole site with “private__site: false”

Now I’m a bit confused on how to protect certain pages. I tried adding “private___tag” to the site.yaml file in the taxonomies part and then adding “private__tag: hidden” in my page markdown file. But the page is not protected. There’s not really good instructions for this available…

Use the Login plugin, allows per-page permissions.

I’ll take a look at that, thanks!

I got the Private plugin to work now. Looks like all I needed to do was put a “tag: hidden” in my markdown file.

Sorry for asking - I am very new to GRAV…

“Where” do I have to put “what” when I want to restrict access to certain pages (per group (and sometimes per user))?

I haven’t found anything on the web what tells me how to hadnle this. If someone can explain this or perhaps has a hint where to read?

Thanks a lot,

Have al look at the login readme
plugin login usage