Preview unpublished page

I can’t find this option. Is it possible to preview a page that’s not published yet?
If not, is there a workaround you’d recommend?

i don’t think it is possible for the whole page, but with the eye-symbol in the upper right corner of the content editor you can preview the content you are editing (showing textstyles and images…)

Correct, the ‘eye’ lets you preview the content as it will be rendered in HTML. It does not display how it will look 100% accurately on your page however.

This is a major issue for me. I just want to make sure I’m not missing something.
You are saying that there is no way to view, or preview, a page (with multiple modulars under it) without publishing it, correct?

That is correct, it is currently not possible without someone writing a plugin to accommodate this functionality. Its definitely possible, the content just needs to be saved as a draft (ie, published: false), the plugin declares a route for preview and renders it with the specified template in a protected-page (visible to authors, not everyone else).

That would be a nice plugin! :+1:

I’m currently building a version controlled site (using git-sync plugin), where is updated whenever something gets pushed to git, then if those changes look good, clicking “Publish” will sync those changes to

I had this same problem today, I wanted to preview a fully rendered and styled page, but could not without publishing it.

One idea I had, which I think should work is to create a staging section in the admin, which you can publish it, but it would be non-routable and non-visible. Then move it to where you want it once its finished.

Or you can work with a version offline and sync it to your server.