Preventing theme demo content

Is there a way to prevent theme updates from installing demo content? I use Bootstrap4 Open Matter in my site, and every time there is an update my content pages are moved to a backup folder and the demo content is reinstalled.

Hi @lcduarte, sorry you are experiencing this issue. Right now it is a known issue when updating a theme with the CLI (most themes do not have demo content, so no issue). If you update the theme with the Admin Panel the demo content will not be copied over (as is expected).

So far I have not been able to track down the problem with the theme itself - it might be with the CLI implementation. It would help if you could share any details of when you encountered this issue at

ps - I suspect this only happens when demo content is updated, which is more often the case with my own themes

Thanks for the information, @paulhibbitts. Indeed, I have a bash script which I use every morning to update my servers; I rarely use the Admin Panel to update Grav.

I’ll share the information in the thread you mentioned. Best regards.

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Thanks very much @lcduarte!