Post Thumbnails Not Appearing on Social Media

I’m using the Clean Blog template and am having trouble getting the post header showing up as a post thumbnail when I paste the link (in the site preview) into social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter).


Is there an adjustment that needs to happen to a template or Grav (or possibly a plugin) to make this work?


Without knowing exactly how these sites generate post thumbnails, I’ve always assumed they pick an image that looks like a headline or “hero” image. With your page and the antimatter theme, the axe graphic is set as the header background, so I imagine it doesn’t use that. There are no others in that article I can see.

But I wouldn be surprised if there’s not an alternate way using og:... meta tags to specify a thumbnail image. From the Grav docs, og:image?? That looks suspiciously like it might work.

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Hugh is right - all of the Facebook and Twitter OpenGraph tags are in the Grav docs under Front Matter. There is a place you can test those and reset the cached image in Facebook, not sure about Twitter. I don’t have a link, you’ll have to Google it.

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