Possible to use multiple themes?

Just looking for an answer to a client request to use ‘Sora’ for regular pages and ‘Learn2’ for a wiki section. I have been googling but haven’t found an answer so I thought I’d ask. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hello! It is possible. Checkout the Themer plugin by Sommerregen.

OMG! Thank you, thank you! I will test asap.

problem I have faced with extension Themer (that is working very well):
you won’t be able to modify theme learn2 by inheritance anymore.

If you make changes anyway, then on upgrades, they will be overwritten!

Therefore, like for site ‘getgrav’, the recommandation of @rhukster to me has been to set multisites:
see learn.getgrav > Multisites

Hope it will help ☆

Thanks tidivoit, I am really trying to avoid that multi-site messiness just to switch css-look of a section of the site. I will live with the overwriting of some files (which will have backups) if needed to avoid that.