Possible to use grav without internet?

Sorry if this question has been asked before, but my search couldn’t find anything similar here. Can I use grav for an intranet site that is totally cut off from the internet? Does it rely on external fonts or js files? How about themes? I know I could modify the code and point everything to a local copy, but I’m not very experienced at web development, so I’d like to hear if anyone else has tried this before.

Thanks! Any comment is appreciated!

EDIT: It’s ok to require internet during installation. After it is set up, the site will be for read-only internal information that is updated rarely.

EDIT 2: I tried grav using the default theme in a VM. After I cut the VM off the internet, the site loads fine and everything seems alright. Thanks for this great project! If you know about any pitfalls down the road, I’d still appreciate if you could comment and let me know!

Themes define the source of assets, some use them, some don’t. They can all be changed to use locally hosted assets, though. Grav itself, if it has no internet-connection, should have no problem running. Only upgrades and updates need internet-access, it operates normally otherwise.

You can of course develop a theme and installation on a machine with internet-connection, and just move it to the intranet-server afterwards.

hello mlogic!

this may help you.

OH. you mus to use internet to install grav. After installing grav, you also have to access this website to disscuss many mantigames problems.

Thanks guys! I tested several themes. Most of them have assets locally served from themes/, css/ and js/. Some need access to internet fonts, and I commented them off from the twig files. Everything looks nice so far on the intranet site. I hope most of my edits can survive future updates!