Portfolio functionality


I’m looking for some help getting the portfolio functionality i’m after in the theme I’m working on. In the main nav I have three links (which are folders in my admin panel), ‘branding’, ‘fashion’ and ‘online’. Upon clicking one of these options it should go straight to the page for the latest project in this folder (eg. ~/branding/latest-project). On each project page there will be arrows to go to the page for the previous or next project in that category.

Is this possible, and if so, could someone provide any guidance on how this is done?
Thanks in advance!

You should start with building 3 collections: branding, fashion and online. Maybe using tags, or categories.

To print the link to just the first one of each collection in your navigation twig, you can fetch that collection, get the first element and print its URL:

{{ (page.collection({'items':{'@taxonomy':{'category': 'branding'}}})|first).url }}