Best approach for injecting pages in pages

(or displaying projects)

Hey there, so I am working through creating my first template - idea is a cinematography or video portfolio.

I have created a new page “type” called projects in the admin with specific fields. Under the page directory projects, I have children pages of each project item.

On my projects page I have a list of all the projects, and when I click on a project I am able to see the full view.

I was looking to put that “list” of projects into the default.html.twig file and was wondering if this was the best approach.

{% set options = {
		items: {
			'@page.children': '/projects'
		'limit': 5,
		'order': {
			'by': 'date',
			'dir': 'desc'
	} %}
	{% set projects = page.collection( options ) %}

	<section class="project-items">
		{% for p in projects %}
			<div class="project-single">
				<div class="project-media">
					<div class="project-image">

It works totally as expected, however seems a little backwards of thinking. Would love some input!