Plugins order

is there a way to set the plugins loading order? AdvancedPageCache plugin should be the first run, when used.

While plugin ‘order’ is not really possible. You can configure the order of the event methods. This actually allow more flexibility. This is done via the numeric value when you register events in the plugin:

            'onMarkdownInitialized' => ['onMarkdownInitialized', 0],
            'onShortcodeHandlers' => ['onShortcodeHandlers', 0],
            'onPageContentProcessed' => ['onPageContentProcessed', 0],
            'onPageInitialized' => ['onPageInitialized', 0],
            'onTwigPageVariables' => ['onTwigPageVariables', 0],
            'onTwigSiteVariables' => ['onTwigSiteVariables', 0],

You just change that 0 to a higher number to ensure it’s called first.