Plugins /blog route of the base_url in grav-skeleton-blog-site-v1.0.1?

I’ve tried out the latest blog-site skeleton with the included Antimatter theme under EasyPHP on a Windows box. The themes default base_url route usually always should be expanded with /blog, but for the included archives, pagination and taxonomylist plugins this doesn’t work, their browser generated URLs are always missing that /blog route portion! - How can I fix those that their base_url also add the /blog route to their URL?

I can momentary change this behavior in the corresponding partials/xxxx.html.twig files by adding manually /blog to the base_url, like for example:

<a href="{{ base_url }}/blog/tag{{ config.system.param_sep }},{{ tax|e('url') }}">{{ tax }}</a>

But that’s pretty dirty to overcome with it, any hints how to fix these in the initial suggested way would be welcome!

In the meantime I’ve looked with the help of the NetBeans debugger into this, in order to see what might be going on there. So far I’ve seen only that strangely few variables will be setup with a right working “/blog” URL-path enhancement for the previously mentioned plugins here.

base_dir = "C:/localweb/websites/site3"
base_url = "/site3"
base_url_absolute = ""
base_url_relative = "/site3"
list_url = "/blog"
feed_url = "/site3/blog"

From those shown above during runtime only the feed_url is setup with the right “/site3/blog” path portion, the other mainly for archives, pagination and taxonomylist used base_url just points to “/site3” instead of “/site3/blog” and thus these don’t work actually for me.

BTW so far I’ve used the grav-skeleton-blog-site-v1.0.1 package as is, right out of the box with the demo content and just enabled in the .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /site3

The other sidebar things like SimpleSearch, Related Posts, Random Article, Syndicate Feeds do work all Ok. But the Tags (inside B log items and the sidebar), the bottom Pagination/Navigation and the sidebar Archives don’t work for me.

I wonder that the related online Blog-site demo doesn’t suffer from these issues and seems to work alright instead.

Did anybody else encountered similar problems like those described or does it work for others flawlessly?