Plugin: minicode not working

Noticed a new plugin named minicode and was anxious to try it out. I’m looking for a method for adding chunks of html into content and sidebars on various pages.

Installed via gpm and followed instructions on repo page.

Output of a simple html file in page content is merely: {{ ‘hello.html’ | minicode }}

Looks like the plugin is not being recognized. Suggestions?

Open an issue on the plugin repository to let the developer know: He/she may not read the forum.

Thanks. Have opened an issue with the developer. Will report back if there is a satisfactory response.

Did you enable the plugin? Edit user/plugins/minicode/minicode.yaml and make sure that “enabled” is set to true.

enabled: true
twig_filter: true
enabled_in_admin: true
data_directory: minicodes/
check_html_dom: false

@chellige, thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I had verified that the plugin was enabled. In fact, enabled: true is the default property… but I had checked anyway when the plugin did not function.

In any case, I’ve since uninstalled the plugin.

I think that to implement little bits and pieces of html (and css?), a much more productive path would be to explore shortcodes.

Shortcodes will most likely be a stretching my (limited) coding chops, but will ultimately be more useful.