Permission issue - 777 :-(


I am getting an error -

The directory “/home/” is not writable.

When I set like
chmod -R 777 cache

if I change owner like
sudo chown -R nobody:nobody /home/

Everything working fine.

I am trying to change the owner to FTP so that he can manage it. But I am getting an error.

sudo usermod -a -G nobody webrun_ftp
sudo chown -R webrun_ftp:webrun_ftp /home/
sudo chmod -R 755 /home/

777 is too dangerous and I wanted to run/manage via FTP. Using Openlitespeed and web server.

Please help .

What is your web server running? If apache, then you have www-data user and group.

Use the www-data group with 755 on the folder structure.