Pagination on secondary content: items: page

All right, I’ve been doing some searching around and I don’t think this has been answered before. So. I have the main blog page, everything works fine and dandy. I have my posts in a separate folder and it pulls from them and it all works. I have a secondary collection page that pulls from the same folder but only uses a certain taxonomy to populate the page… but the limit: and pagination: options just… won’t work. I have the newest install of grav and the only plugin I’m running other than the three that come pre-packaged is the pagination one [ and everything was downloaded yesterday, so it’s up to date ]. Does anyone know what might be causing the problem? There’s no obvious error, so I’m helpless.

Here is the frontmatter for the page that I would like the pagination on:

title: currently
menu: currently
  enabled: false
cache_enable: false
      url: sarahjaneknight
        by: date
        dir: asc
    limit: 5
    pagination: true

Hi, I think you just have an indentation problem, see the example on this page

Oh my wow, that was it. Thank you! I think I thought it didn’t matter as much because the documentation said something about YAML recommending two spaces, but that it didn’t matter how many you used. I understand now that it does.