Pages are now saving in HTML instead of Markdown?

The other day my pages started saving in HTML instead of Markdown and I’m not sure why. I prefered it when I was working in Markdown. If you see the attached GIF you’ll see that as soon as I click Save, the page source changes from Markdown to HTML.

Is this a setting somewhere?

I’ve been using the listed plugins for longer than I’ve been having the issue. The issue started a week or two ago (this is a casual blog I’m not on the site every day so I’m guessing). I can’t think of anything I’ve done that would have caused this except for a Grav version update three weeks ago to 1.7.46. But I am pretty sure I was editing pages after that update without issue for a while.


What has changed “the other day”? Software does not have the habit to change its behaviour by itself from one day to the other… :wink:

You post contains little valuable information. Please have a look at The art of asking great questions for tips to improve your post.

There was a Grav update that I applied In the past couple weeks, but otherwise I don’t know anything that changed.

I haven’t really been flying around with anything else.

@davidtessier, Did you even read the document I referred to?

Information that would be helpful:

  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Versions
  • Any other relevant information…

And please no cross-posting without notification in both places: HTML instead of normal editor. I would not have replied if I knew you already created a post in two places 30min apart…

I didn’t create that GitHub post. I just commented asking the OP if it was the same issue.

I’ll work on updating my question with more details.

Cross-posting: Asking investment in time and effort in multiple places on the same issue at the same time. It always leads to a waste of time and effort on one or more sides…

Clearly I’ve messed up hard on my etiquette here. Feel free to delete my post if you have that authority. I can’t seem to and I’d hate to cause anyone else to waste their time like I have yours.

I’m sorry not to be able to help you with this issue @davidtessier, since I haven’t had such thing happening myself, but I just wanted to say I didn’t find your question illegitimate or so badly asked.
It’s always possible to provide more details when one has issues, but it’s not always easy to know which details one can provide when one is not an expert of some software. Then when one is an expert, usually they don’t need to ask questions anymore. So to me it seems quite natural that people asking question don’t always ask them perfectly or forget to add details that could be useful to answer them.

In this case, I think the question explains well the issue, and you did the effort to give some info on your setup (also in the first version of your question, with the plugins screenshot) and there was even a little demo of the issue.
Additionally, it seems that after asking the question you also posted comment on a github issue relating it to this topic (and not simply duplicating the question). To me this is not wasting time of people in different places, but on the contrary, it’s adding more material to the github issue, which could help people reading it to better figure out how to resolve it.

I believe asking questions is not wasting people’s time. There are some other software I use which have great documentation, but in the end I’ve already read it all and still encounter issues. Their forum is full of people asking and answering questions, with an active community. In the end I spend more time on their forum learning about stuff than asking questions, and it’s a great repository of knowledge for all the various stuff that could never fit in a documentation. So asking questions on a forum is also a way to improve the collective knowledge available for anyone online, making everyone more able to solve their problems by themselves.

Then I don’t know if grav has such goal with this forum. I don’t know if grav wants to create an active community. But if so, I think it’s important to consider questions and people coming up to the forum not as nuisance but as active contributors. Using a software is already a contribution, asking questions is another, when one does it with courtesy, without expecting to be served, and making an effort to formulate it clearly.

It seems to me the initial question in this thread was doing this.

Sorry for the long message, I hope it’s a useful contribution to this community and doesn’t make anyone waste their time.