Page paths and child collections

My table importer plugin pulls data from the page’s folder (where the .md file lives). It does this by looking at $this->grav['page']->path(). The problem is that when the page’s content is generated by the blog main page (as a preview), $this->grav['page']->path() points to the blog’s main page and not the individual post. The summary is pulled in as you would expect:

    {% for child in collection %}
      {% include 'partials/blog_item.html.twig' with {'page':child, 'truncate':true} %}
    {% endfor %}

How can I rectify this? I’ve been pouring over the API documentation, but nothing’s jumping out as the answer.

You could put an if condition around your include, that pulls the data like it does now for each blog item, when not on the mainpage. If on the main page however try going pulling it from another layer? Might not work but I think that’s the way to go