Page-inject plugin shows only a link?

i tried to insert content from another page with the new page-inject plugin:


But only a link to the page is displayed.
Content is not injected. Installed the plugin with gpm in user/plugins.

Hi @arank,

I think you provided the wrong argument. The argument is identically to the slug of the page with preceding slash, e.g. if you have a page visible under blog/my-awesome-page then the correct slug for PageInject would be


@sommerregen is correct. You are pointing to the .md file. Should be the url path.

OK, now it works.
Thank you.

I had this problem just now, and for me it turned out to be a trailing slash on the link.

Also of note I also got an error saying modular/default.html.twig was not defined. Copying the one from the templates directory into modular fixed this.