Page Inject:[plugin:page(content)-inject]


Can anybody share best practices on page inject. I tried using it but it shows wrangled page with !Doctype HTML on top. If content-inject it does not show anything, the page I want to show is made of bloginjector .

My goal is to show a news feed from the post, with thumbnail and some texts.

If you see HTML like DOCTYPE then I suspect you are trying to pull a complete HTML page into Grav? This is not something the Page Inject plugin can do.

The Page Inject plugin allows you to include other Grav pages that are part of your Grav website in a page. I don’t know of a plugin which can include complete external HTML pages.

As a best practise, suppose you already have a page named ‘Solo’ in the root of your website. That pages’ slug will then by default be ‘solo’. To include that page in another page just add this line to the content of that other page (it’s basically a markdown formatted link):


You can also include a child page of the page by making the reference relative. Just leave out the slash (’/’). For example: