Page Inject Plugin + Breadcrumbs

Please tell me how to use breadcrumbs in the page using:


The fact is that when the page is rendered with [plugin:page-inject] breadcrumbs or menu items do not work.
Menu I moved into the parent template and it works, but when I transfer the bread crumbs with the important html tags, the DOCTYPE tag display.
How to insert breadcrumbs

{% include 'partials/breadcrumbs.html.twig'  with { some vars }%}

to work.
It seems the problem [plugin:page-inject] is that page which uses this plugin does not have access to shared variables and processed at the beginning of the process the entire page, and then already handled by the parent template base.html.twig.
I hope I make myself clear)))

Well, too bad. It turns out that this plugin is useful for the design of 2000 years))), otherwise you get the tag the DOCTYPE.