Page find with wildcard

Hello, i’m trying to build an indexpage for my receptar blog.

All of them are in the same blog but their page name start with;

What i’m trying to do is building an index using this snippet:

{% for p in page.find('/blog/soup*').children if p != page %} <li><a href="{{p.url}}">{{ p.title }}</a></li> {% endfor %}

This ain’t working. Is there another way to get the result i’m expecting?

@SjoerdSmeets, Have you considered using taxonomy collections for this?

pages/courses/soup-chicken/ :

title: Chicken soup
   category: soup
   tag: chicken
# Chicken soup

I’m using taxonomies, but i don’t understand how to build a complete indexpage with all types using taxonomies.

I thought using the find snippet would be easier…

My current manually build indexpage can be found here, but i want to make it dynamic.

Found the solution using taxonomy’s.

{% for post in taxonomy.findTaxonomy({'tag':'maaltijdsalade'}) %}
<li>{{ post.title }}</li>
{% endfor %}