Page field extending

I don’t know what to do anymore.

Please help, work according to this procedure:

My goal is this, nothing more:

I created page.html.twig with the settings according to the instructions, then in the blueprint folder I created page.yaml again with the appropriate content to add a field: New Text Field

And I can’t get the new field to be added.

I also tried to implement the whole process only in the file item.html.twig and therefore item.yaml, but the result is the same, the field is not displayed in the administration when creating a new page as an item.

Please what am I doing wrong? Is there anything else that needs to be implemented?

Thank you for your help.

@Deight, You know that Grav caches a lot of stuff?

With that in mind, try the following:

  • After creating your new page template and page blueprint
    • First run: $ bin/grav cache
    • Then logout of Admin and login again.
  • Further changes to the new blueprint might now be available immediately. If it doesn’t, fallback to above procedure.
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