Page collections without using taxonomy?


Is it possible to get page collections where there is is no taxonomy data defined? The following is an example used in the learn skeleton:

{% set progress = page.collection({'items':{'@taxonomy.category': 'docs'},'order': {'by': 'default', 'dir': 'asc'}}) %}

Is it possible to get a collection based on other criteria, e.g. by template used or by parent page / slug etc.

I’ve tried variations of the following, which don’t work:

{% set progress = page.collection({'items':{'template': 'blog'},'order': {'by': 'default', 'dir': 'asc'}}) %}

Any help would be appreciated.


Currently collections only support 3 things:

  • Modular Children
  • Regular Children
  • Children based on Taxonomy

Having arbitrary collection support will have big performance implications, so we have ensured that our supported types are very efficient. The best bet is to use a custom taxonomy type if you want to group arbitrary pages together.

You can read about the available options here. If there is a good use case for some other kind of collection type, and we can make it performant enough, we are certainly willing to add that functionality. However, my gut feeling is that taxonomies assigned to pages are the best solution due to the way those are cached.

Thanks for the clarification.