Page collection operators

Hi. I’m creating a template in which I want to surface posts with more than one taxonomy category using page collections. The problem is at the moment it is resulting in pages that match the total combination of tags rather than a tag from that list. (I’m looking to use ‘or’ and by default page.collection uses ‘and’)


I want a way of creating a page collection like this:
{% for page in page.collection({‘items’:{’@taxonomy’:{‘food_drink_category’:‘food_drink_tag’, ‘dish_category’:‘dish_tag’}},‘order’: {‘by’: ‘random’, ‘dir’: ‘desc’},‘limit’: 10, ‘filter’:{‘visible’: ‘true’}}) %}

In the same way I can use ‘or’ here:
{% for page in taxonomy.findTaxonomy({‘food_drink_category’:‘food_drink_tag’, ‘dish_category’:‘dish_tag’},‘or’) %}

Not a developer, just someone who has been experimenting with Grav for the last year or so. Thanks.