Override paragraph block in Parsedown

How can I change the way paragraph blocks are handled by Parsedown?

I know I can use the addBlockType method with the onMarkdownInitialized event hook, but that method seems reserved for blocks that have an associated syntax, like blockquotes or lists. How can I access and extend the paragraph handler?

Since no one else has offered an answer, have you checked the Parsedown docs? It seems very specific to that library’s API.

The Parsedown wiki recommends extending the Parsedown class and overriding the functions you want to change. Something like this:

class CustomParsedown extends Parsedown
    protected function paragraph($Line)
        // Do something

I believe Grav has its own helper methods, at least when it comes to adding or overriding inline types or block types. There’s some examples here, but I can’t seem to access the paragraph tag, as it has no syntax or symbol associated with it.

Interesting to know but I see your point and what a shame!