Override blueprints.yaml from plugin


I’d like to modify some options in the simple-cookie plugin blueprints.yaml and save it to my theme folder to prevent it from being overridden by future updates.

How can I do it and where should I save the plugin’s blueprints.yaml file?

Thank you

Hi there.

I am trying to override the blueprints.yaml for the simple-cookie plugin and I’ve created a folder into config/plugins, called simple-cookie with a blueprints.yaml modified inside.

After that I have the following error:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Invalid argument supplied for foreach()").

Somebody know why Grav shows this error?. And Why is the way to override correctly the blueprints.yaml from any plugin?


Hello @pmoreno !
Have you tried to clone the plugin and renaming the Class name in the plugin main php file ?
I’ve never done that personally… but I would follow the same logic as in this section :

Customization | Grav Documentation

(renaming the plugin’s php file etc)


Hello @medi

I’m a novice programmer and although I’ve used inheritance in themes, I don’t see it as easy with plugins. For example, to create a child theme, just create the theme.php file with the following lines:

namespace Grav\Theme;

class CustomQuark extends Quark

However, with plugins I have used the same strategy with:

class CustomSimpleCookiePlugin extends SimpleCookiePlugin

and Grav doesn’t work.

I think you have to use some Event Hook as mentioned in the Grav documentation (Event Hooks | Grav Documentation), in theme.php

Keep investigating.

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