`onShutdown` not firing

No matter how I modify my debugger settings, I can’t get onShutdown to fire. Is there something else that might keep onShutdown from working? I’m confused.

It’s not firing in the Precache plugin either, so something wider is happening. Hrm…

@Perlkönig it is fired. But this special event isn’t accessible via the debugger as it fires after the connection between the client and the server has been closed.

So you’re saying that I can’t dump() from it? OK. I’ll move forward and test differently. Thanks!

Yes, you can’t dump your variables to the browser, but it’s possible to dump variables, e.g., to the log file or to every other file in the file system.

The best way is to develop code in the onPageInitialized event first and then move it to the onShutdown event. The purpose of the onShutdown event is to provide a way to perform computational tasks etc.