Onepage and Blog in the same website

Did you check this page for possible solutions?

Not yet, Will do. Thanks.

OK. Checked all the solutions in the page not found troubleshooting section.

  1. Missing .htaccess file:
    File is present in the root of the site (Apache DocumentRoot parameter) and has 775 access rights for user www-data, group www-data.

  2. AllowOverride All:
    As I have no section in the VirtualHost:80 section, I cannot add AllowOverride All.

  3. RewriteBase:
    I already tried with ‘RewriteBase /’ enabled (grav is in the root of the virtualhost directiory).

  4. Missing rewrite modules:
    Already enabled them at install time. Checked again with a2enmod.

  5. Grav Error 404 Page:
    I am not getting that page.

  6. 404 Page not found on nginx:
    I am running Apache.

Bottom line: the solutions presented in that troubleshooting section, don’t work.
Anything else I can try?

There was a <Directory /var/www> entry in the default /etc/apache2/apached.conf with an AllowOverride None entry. Changed it to AllowOverride All. Now the Blog section works as far as preliminary tests show.