One-page theme problem

In the one page theme where does the id=modular-features comes from (the ‘why grav build better sites’ part)? In the file structure it is which contains content that means it is rendered through feature.html.twig, but when i search the base.html.twig there is no

{% block feature%}{% endblock %} or {% block modular%}{% endblock %} anything of this sort.

the part of it comes from(in thebase.html.twig) what i understood is:

<section id=“start”>
{% block body %}
<section id=“body-wrapper” class=“section”>
<section class=“container {{ grid_size }}”>
{% block messages %}
{% include ‘partials/messages.html.twig’ ignore missing %}
{% endblock %}
{% block content %}{% endblock %}
{% endblock %}

when i remove this part it takes out the entire body as expected, but then where does the features.html.twig comes in place???

okay, i figured out that base.html.twig extends modular.html.twig which has the page.collection() which gets the feature.html.twig to work. but now when I remove the entire content of feature.html.twig and save it , the page still works. I though if i remove the feature.html.twig it should stop rendering file but thats not happening . wtf?

goddammit cache. so bloody stupid

Disable cache in your development environment.