Modular Page only for one page site?

I have pages and blog pages functioning and would like to buildout couple of sections that take advantage of modular page content.

This is in the modular page:

title: Infinite Architecture
menu: Infinite Architecture
intro: A collection of paintings
    items: '@self.modular'
        by: default
            - _intro
            - _alpha-centuri
            - _constellation
            - _nebula
            - _leaf_falling

This is in the modular.html.twig

{% extends 'partials/base.html.twig' %}
{# This is a template to build a modular page of  art objects or design projects. #}
{% block body %}
{# Can we make this any simpler? #}
{% for module in page.collection() %}
    {{ module.content }}
{% endfor %}
{% endblock %}

I end up with no errors, just a blank place where content should be. (Are there twig tools to see whether a collection is being returned, rejected etc.?

Many thanks!

@FrederickYocum, Welcome to the forum!

Your question seems to consist of two parts:

  • Are modular pages only for so called ‘one-page’ sites?
  • Are there any Twig debugging tools.

Are modular pages only for so called ‘one-page’ sites?
No, not necessarily, although the docs may lead to that conclusion. At least I did draw that conclusion…

The advantage of modular pages are:

  • Better oversight of the sections of the page.
  • Easier editing of smaller distinct sections
  • Easier changing the order of sections.

Are there any Twig debugging tools
Yes there are.

  • There is a section in the docs about Debugging/Logging
  • You can also use {{ var_dump(page.collection) }}, which will literary dump the content into the page. It requires less setup though.


Many thanks for pointing me at the debugging tools, this has helped with stamping out some unrelated issues I did not even know existed.

The non display problem, was solved by changing block body to block content Human error me thinks.