One-Page Site Skeleton linking the features

Hi there (again),

I would like to add links to the features (with those lovely icons) of the One-Page Skeleton. How could I manage this?

THX in advance

First you would need to add some links in the yaml frontmatter of the page (using links to valid pages of course):

    - header: Markdown Syntax
      icon: text-height
      link: /features/markdown-syntax
    - header: Twig Templating
      icon: code
      link: /features/twig-templating
    - header: Smart Caching
      icon: rocket
      link: /features/smart-caching

Then in your theme’s templates/modular/features.html.twig file you would have to read those links and use them (see the link around the feature.header:

<div class="modular-row features {{ page.header.class}}"> 
    {{ content }}
    <div class="feature-items">
    {% for feature in page.header.features %}
           <div class="feature">
            {% if feature.icon %}
            <i class="fa fa-fw fa-{{ feature.icon }}"></i>
            <div class="feature-content icon-offset">
            {% else %}
            <div class="feature-content">
            {% endif %}
            {% if feature.header %}
            <h4><a href="{{ base_url }},{{ }}">{{ feature.header }}</a></h4>
            {% endif %}
            {% if feature.text %}
            <p>{{ feature.text }}</p>
            {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

That would then link your title to the page you set. Of course if not everyone had a link you would have to add some logic to test if a link exists first.