Offsite backups - Amazon EC2

I’m trying out hosting a Grav site on an EC2 instance of Amazon Web Services. I’m at the point where I’m running backups automatically using the built-in backup tool and a cron job.

Now I need to copy the /backup directory off the server. I’m looking for suggestions on what to do (not technical details) based on experiences of others. What was easy? What felt most secure? And so on.

I’ve contemplated:

  • AWS Backup or snapshotting the entire EBS volume seems to be overkill
  • Writing a script to copy to AWS S3
  • SFTP to/from another server (scripted + cron)

Ideally, it should also purge the backups that Grav purges, or cleanup based on retention rules.

I don’t mind doing research afterwards on exactly how to do things, so this is more about choosing a good approach.