Odd Environment Variable?

On my staging server (a shared hosting account with Site5), the debugger returns bs6-dallas.accountservergroup.com as the environment.

I was hoping for stage.bobrockefeller.com, the address of the site, instead.

Are messy environment names to be expected?.

Actually this is already fixed in GitHub, there are a couple of other quite minor bugs that I hope to get fixed and in for a release in the next few days.

BTW: https://github.com/getgrav/grav/commit/edb102b1ddcdb0c64a3cf1f8a379b1183a96def3 is the commit if you want to update your site now

You guys are too fast! I made the change to my site and that fixed it. I got back stage.bobrockefeller.com as expected/desired.

Aim to please :slight_smile: