Number of digits in folder numeric prefix?

I’ve imported my existing blog content into Grav, and there are more than 100 posts already in there. The old blog posts were imported with numeric prefixes which are 3 digits in length.

For my new posts, Grav uses 2-digit prefixes, which clashes with the ordering of the posts. I.e. I have folders named:

  • 009-something
  • 01.something-new
  • 010-something-old

where the middle one in this example was created by Grav.

Is there a way I can tell Grav how many digits to use for the prefix?

Interesting question. and what happens anyway after 99 pages, what is the automatic numbering?

My assumption would be, that numbered pages should be just for specific cases. If you have so many pages under a single page, they shouldn’t be numbered, but rather ordered by date or name. Numbered pages are specifically for custom order IMO and I can’t imagine a case where you’d want to have custom order for 100 or more pages