Folder number changes on each saved

I’ve upgraded my testing server to v1.7.0-rc.6 - Admin v1.10.0-rc.6. and have 2 distinct issues with Admin pages, although they may be connected as they relate to folder numbering.
All the following are done from the Admin panel

FYI. When adding a new page folder number prefix is disabled (not a problem)

  1. If adding a new page with parent root it makes prefix 01. for every added page, so have multiple 01. pages
    Adding to a any sub folder and it works correctly allocating next available prefix.

  2. Saving an existing page causes the folder prefix to change to last in the sequence.
    e.g 3 folders 02.yyy and 03.zzz, - Edit 02.yyy - save - it becomes 04.yyy

This is really annoying as I am developing on local server and it messes up my sync with live server (which FYI is v1.6 not RC)

Thanks in advance for your help


Issue 2 only happens in sub folders not in primary (root) folders

@Jerry, Please submit an issue on github if you think you have hit an issue with Grav code itself. In this case in the repo of the Admin plugin.

The community cannot do much in those cases…